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The EpoCAT IO1616 board is an EtherCAT® IO slave complete of 16 Input 24V and 16 Output 24V.

Mounted on DIN Rail Enclosures.



Size: L 81 mm, H 118 mm
Power supply 24V
16 digital outputs
24V high side
short circuit protected
suitable for inductive loads
max 700 mA per channel
16 digital inputs
24V high side

Easy Navigator

To meet the request of many Customers who ask for a simple software tool to test the applications made with our EasyCAT boards, we have developed the Easy Navigator. It is a very basic EtherCAT® Master with a friendly and intuitive HMI where You can easily read and write values from/to the EasyCAT boards. It's not required any special library as WinPCAP because it uses the feature of the EtherCAT® protocol to be encapsulated in an UDP frame. Then simply connect Your EasyCAT board to the LAN port of Your PC, run the tool and enjoy the EtherCAT®.



AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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