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A PC with Windows XP or windows XPe or Windows 7 (32 bit), at least 1GB of RAM, a 1GHz processor or higher, 30 MB of free space on disk.

Yes, AxesBrain™ is an EtherCAT® Master board and supports Distributed Clocks.

Up to 100 µSeconds (with PCI RT board).

EtherCAT®, CANOpen, Mechatrolink II, Modbus TCP/IP, Sercos II/III.

No, a version for Linux is not available.

No, EtherBOX and EtherMOVE boards feature a proprietary protocol.

No, EtherBOX and EtherMOVE boards require AxesBrain™ to work.

Yes, boards of the EpoCAT series use EtherCAT® protocol.

Yes, boards of the EpoCAT series can work with any EtherCAT® Master since they are EtherCAT™ slave boards.

Yes, boards of the EpoCAT series can be used with LinuxCNC.

No, EpoCAT board works only in interpolated profile mode. Beginning of module.

Yes, it was born with EMC2 name, later became LinuxCNC.

Yes, through the package Etherlab.

Yes, driving the step motor with a frequency signal (speed).

Means the ability to manage the speed of the motor by varying the frequency of the pulses that are supplied . This mode allows for example to be able to interpolate between them stepper motors with brushless motors.

Most of the motor control step devices in EtherCAT® are positioners ( final position ), and are not interpolated with other motors. The board EpoCAT FR1000 instead , uses the frequency to drive the motor and therefore makes it possible to be able to interpolate the axis with other motors.

Advantages: high resolution, now you can divide the step into 256 microsteps, so you can have a resolution of 51,200 microsteps / rev .

Disadvantages: reduced speed , 360 rpm / min against 3000 rev / min of a brushless motor.

Yes, many types of drives for brushless motors offer the possibility to be driven with pulses and direction , even there are drives which can be driven only by pulse train .

REMEMBER however that normally for each turn should provide up to 10,000 pulses , which multiplied by 50 revolutions per second (3000 rpm), it becomes necessary to have a control capable of providing a frequency of at least 500kHz . EpoCAT FR1000 provides pulses up to 1000Khz ( 1Mhz ) .

Yes: in the EtherCAT® environment with control software LinuxCNC or AxesBrain™ using the card EpoCAT FR1000, or in Ethernet realtime environment using AxesBrain™ with EtherBOX or EtherMOVE cards.

AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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