We see, analyse and control motion

AxesBrain™ is a software component for Motion Control, with Multitask functions, for automation and Multi-process related to CNC.

A single mind, many simultaneous activities

The winning feature of AxesBrain™ consists in its ability to manage more processes, more axes and activities at the same time. In fact, up to 32 simultaneous CNC ISO processes and up to 1024 GPL activities can be executed at the same time. These are particularly useful functions for Transfer machines, machinery featuring automatic loading-unloading, and special machines in general, where parallel work processes are required.


  • CNC iso (cutter,lathe)
  • 1024 Task GPL
  • 32 CNC iso processes
  • Transformation of axes in a plane
  • 64 axes (16 interpolated axes)
  • 4096 I/O
  • Linear compensation, squaring, matrix
  • Gantry, Anti-collision, electronic cams

A single product, many devices

AxesBrain™ is a control designed to connect to all major fieldbuses for moving axes and managing I/O. It also allows connecting to analogue controls in digital mode, through Ethernet. This flexibility offers many options which also permit to lower the costs.


AxesBrain™ is a software component developed with COM technology, easy to integrate through the most common programming languages such as:

  • Visual Basic
  • VC++, C#
  • .NET


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AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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