We see, analyse and control motion

ScadaMERCURIO™ is a SCADA product (acronym of System Control And Data Acquisition) articulated on three levels:

  • Data acquisition level and storage in a Jet Engine Database;

  • DCOMservice level (Distributed Component Object Model) to supply:
    - aggregation data concerning production in terms of pieces and parts produced by the department and single machine during a shift, a day, weeks and month, with the possibility to view some previous temporal elements; the data can be extracted in real-time in order to check the production trend in terms of diagram and activity "TRACE". .
    - forecast data on the wearing of tools for each single machine, in order to prepare in time, the tools required to continue production.
  • User interface level divided in functional "environments", that are in turn divided in to "pages"; the latter are articulated in two types:
    basic, in order to: - visualize the system’s diagram
    - interrogate output
    - interrogate production
    - manage tools
    - configure production
    - configure the system
  • personalized, in view of the many potential scenarios and requests, it is always possible to develop applications or “pages" in Visual Basic or directly as HTML documents to interrogate data and then represent it, according to the most appropriate methods.

ScadaMERCURIO™ is a product developed with DCOM technology, in order to be integrated in the Intranet or Internet network; the thus acquired and catalogued data is also visible in graphic format, through Browser Web applications.
Data acquisition takes place through remote devices of various type:

  • PLC devices connected through Profibus
  • TCP/IP devices

The data is divided in order to be implemented for:

  • aggregate production data
  • estimate of tools wearing statuses

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