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AB&T™ is a software firm located in Ivrea that operates in the industrial automation field, developing technologies that boost the performance and immediate use of the Motion Control. The company was founded in 1994, but relies on experiences and professional skills that developed within a large enterprise, synonymous of advanced technology in the automation and numeric control fields since the '70s, when the first SIGMA multi-arm assembling robot was designed (watch the video in Italian).
This forty-year experience led AB&T to develop AxesBrain™ according to cutting-edge programming technologies, a modern software component that is integrated in systems where Motion Control and CNC are required.
The company was born from various experiences in the plant automation field where robots, production and manufacturing machinery were integrated in automated systems, and also in the numeric control field applied to machine tools and robots featuring devices for acknowledging and measuring parts. At the same time VisAlgo™ was designed, a valid support in artificial vision able to solve any parts alignment and acknowledgement issue, quickly and in an integrated fashion. During the years, the application of the two products proved to be particularly effective in the designing of machinery implemented in different fields, from transfer to laser cutting machinery, from drilling machines to warehouse automation, from dynamic driving simulators to the manufacturing of lenses through electronic cams.
Since 2006 AB&T is member of the EtherCAT Technology Group.


AB&T activities focused on axis motion (Motion Control), on topics concerning parts acknowledgement through artificial vision (Machine Vision) and integration and communication aspects in the production and information fields (SCADA System Control And Data Acquisition). In the "Motion Control" sector, AB&T has developed a product for controlling axes, AxesBrain™, which allows managing various types of HW devices and articulates on an extremely flexible structure in terms of scalability and machine type.


  • In the "Machine Vision" sector, AB&T has developed VisAlgo™ library, that ranges from parts acknowledgement and orientation to measurement.
  • In the "SCADA" sector, the company has designed a connection multi-platform product, ScadaMERCURIO™, which monitors parts production systems, in terms of production and output; moreover, it manages the plant's tools in order to forecast and meet the demand of each production unit.
  • Furthermore, AB&T offers consulting services linked to automation, axis motion, artificial vision and data collection. In particular, in the consulting sector, AB&T assists the Client through Work Groups that include all the necessary specializations in order to attain objectives, from the analysis phase and feasibility study, to the development and installation of the final product.


AB&T chose the personal computer, the Microsoft™ Windows™ environment, Driver, COM/DCOM technology with relative ActiveX™ and Server specializations, C++, C#, Visual Basic™ languages, Microsoft™ Access™ and Microsoft™ SQL Server™ database, .NET environment, etc., as technological tools.

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AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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