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EpoCAT FR1000 / FR4000 is a control board for axes in frequency/burst.

The board is compatible with EtherCAT protocol. With a maximum output frequency up to 1MHz for the FR1000 and 4MHz for the FR4000, it is ideal for applications with step motors, and applications with burst piloted brushless motors. The board manages up to 5 axes in frequency, 4 inputs, 2 outputs, 1 DAC of 12 bit and 2 ADC of 12 bit. The board is supplied with all connectors and can be installed on DIN guide. Since it is a compatible slave EtherCAT board, it is possible to use it with any EtherCAT Master like AxesBrain, LinuxCNC, CODESYS or other.



  • 5-CH 5Volt for frequency signals pulse
  • 5-CH 5Volt for direction signals
    The frequency and direction signals can be in:
    1 differential mode (1MHz for FR1000) and (4MHz for FR4000)
    2 single ended positive mode (250KHz)
    3 single ended negative mode (250KHz)
  • 5-CH 5Volt for enable/boost signals
  • 5-CH DI 24Volt for motor drives OK
  • 1-CH DI 24Volt for inverter drive OK
  • 5-CH DI 24Volt for home microswitch
  • 4-CH DI 24Volt for general purpose
  • 5-CH DI fast input for motor index (Z)
  • 5-CH DO 24Volt-200mA NPN to enable motor servodrive
  • 1-CH DO 24Volt-200mA NPN to enable inverter servodrive
  • 2-CH DO 24Volt-200mA NPN for general output
  • 1-CH 12 bit analog-output +- 10Volt
  • 2-CH 12 bit analog-input 0+10Volt, input impedance 1Mohm, high precision for measuring device
  • 1 source output 5V for precision Switch
  • 1 receive low current, high speed signal from precision Switch

Tested software

  • CODESYS SoftMotion V3.5 SP14 Patch 3
  • LinuxCNC-RTAI-EtherLab
  • AxesBrain -EtherCAT Master
  • EtherCAT® Configurator
  • EtherCAT® Conformance Test Tool
    (ET 9400 Ver 1.20.80)

  • CNC 5-axes with RTCP
  • CNC for laser cut
  • Plotter and 3 XYZ-axes cutters
  • Measuring machines
  • Handing systems for industrial automations
  • Special machinery

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AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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