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EtherBOX is an axes control board based on Ethernet Real Time communication technology. It is connected to the PC through a regular RJ45 network cable and with a data transmission frequency (sampling) that can drop up to 100µ seconds; it is conceived for applications that require high positioning and control precisions. The board manages up to 6 complete analogue axes, 6 stepper axes, 32 inputs, 32 outputs, 3 DAC of 12 bit and 3 ADC of 12 bit. In order to use the board, the signals must be connected through 40-way terminal boards with flat cable, supplied separately. A box is also supplied separately upon request, in order to house the electric cabinet inside of it.


  • 6-CH encoder counter
  • A/B phase
  • Z marker
  • 2.5Mhz any phase
  • 6-CH 16 bit analog-output +-10Volt
  • 6-CH DO 24V-100mA to enable Driver
  • 6-CH DI 24V for Driver OK
  • 6-CH DI 24V for Micro Zero
  • 6-CH DI fast input for Latch Counter
  • 3-CH 12 bit analog-output +- 10Volt
  • 3-CH 12 bit analog-input 133KHz +-10Volt
  • 6-CH DO 5V-20mA for pulse Stepper Motor
  • 6-CH DO 5V-20 mA for direction Stepper Motor
  • 6-CH DO 5V-20mA for enable Stepper Motor
  • 32-CH DI 24V-100mA for General Output
  • 32-CH DI 24V for General Input

  • CNC 5-axes
  • CNC for laser cut
  • Plotter and 3 XYZ-axes cutters
  • Measuring machines
  • Handing systems for industrial automations
  • Special machinery


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AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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