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The EasyIO board is an EtherCAT® IO slave complete of 16 Input 24V, 16 Output 24V, 4 analog input 0+10V, 2 analog output +-10V.

Mounted on DIN Rail Enclosures.



Size: L 105 mm, H 107 mm
Power supply 24V
16 digital outputs
24V high side
short circuit protected
suitable for inductive loads
max 700 mA per channel
16 digital inputs
24V high side
4 analog inputs
single ended 0 +10V
12 bits
1Mohm input impedence
2 analog outputs
single ended -10 V +10V
12 bits
max load 5Kohm
precision 10V power supply for potentiometer
max 10 mA

AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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