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The Shield EasyCAT allows to an Arduino board to become an EtherCAT® Slave. The union of the world Arduino and the world EtherCAT® will allow you to create innumerable devices for the automation in a simple, rapid and economic way. Some of the possible applications are:

  • I/O devices both analogical and digital with possibility of pre-elaboration and elaboration of the signals as averages, linearizations, filters, etc …
  • Generators of PWM signals to pilot motor and other
  • Serial gateways RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Modbus TCP/IP, ecc …from and toward EtherCAT®
  • Display TFT Touch EtherCAT®
  • Educational
  • Emulators of other EtherCAT® devices




The Shield EasyCAT allows to exchange on the bus EtherCAT® 32 byte in input and 32 byte in output. The communication is totally managed in Hardware and the exchange of data with the sketch Arduino is made through a library furnished with the EasyCAT together with the file XML EtherCAT® Configuration File (ESI).

Tested boards

Uno, Mega, Due, M0Pro, Zero, 101.

Library EasyMASTER

The EasyMASTER is a library that allows an Arduino board with an Ethernet Shield 2 to become an EtherCAT® Master, as you can see from the video below. The library allows you to create a complete line with EtherCAT® Master and Slaves.


AB&T avails itself of EtherCAT® technology for extremely efficient and flexible management.

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